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Filamento T-PLA ( + Rigidez e Resistência ) Impressão 3D

Filamento T-PLA ( + Rigidez e Resistência ) Impressão 3D

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Filamento T-PLA ( + Rigidez e Resistência ) Impressão 3D
Toughening Polylactic Acid
Modified Polylactic Acid/Polylactide-T-PLA (Premium quality, highly)
Modified PLA, 6 times more tough than normal PLA, with high impact resistance.
Not easy to break easily, print the finished product with very smooth surface.

Diameter (mm):1.75
Recommended Printing Temperature (°C):190-230
Recommend Heatbed Temperature (°C): 0-40

FEATURES                                                              APPLICATIONS
• Enviromnent friendly and biodegradablc               • Product models
• Low shrinkage, excellenl dimensional stability       • Art erans
• Exccllcnt impacl rcsistcncc                                     •  Adornments


Properties                        Test Standart             Test Condition                     S.I              S.I Typical value ( Printing/Injection Moulding)

Physical properties

Density                                       ISO 1183             23°C                                 g/cm³             1.20
Glass transition temperature      ISO 11357          10°C/min                            °C                   60
Melt index                                 ISO 1133           190°C, 2,16kg                       g/10min        4.5

Mechanical properties
Tensile strength                           ISO 527            50mm/min                            MPa           34.5    46.8
Elongations break                        ISO 527            50mm/min                            %               4.1    230.5
Bending strength                          ISO 178            2m/min                                 MPa           61.2   73.5
Bending modulus                         ISO 178            2m/min                                 MPa           2010   2325
Izod impact notched                     ISO 180            23°C                                     KJ/m²         14.5   20.5

Thermal properties
Heat distortion temperature           ISO75               0.45                                      MPa °C        53
Flammability                                 UL94               1.6mm                                    Class         HB

[1] Thes are typical values of the product properties, and these values alone do not represent a sufficient basis for any part
design and are not intended for use in establishing maximum, minimum, or ranges osf values for especification purposes.

[2] The lieted values are maybe different for pigmented material

Printing conditions:
Printing temperature:  210°C
Printing speed: 80mm/s
Number of shells: 2
Nozzle size: 0.4mm and 100% infill

Injection molding processing condition
temperature 190°C   back pressure 0-1 MPa   mould temperature   30-40°C


Typical Conditions of Printing

Printing recommendation     Typical range
Extruder temp                       190-230
Printing speed                       30-100mm/s
Bed temp                               room temp - 40
Layer height                           0.1 - 0.4mm
Infill                                        as need up to 100%
Matters need attention            general print

The parameter is just for referencial purpose only.  In actual processing the parameter should be adjusted by
constructin of 3D machine, shape and size of product, and so on.


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